U.S. lags behind in 4th grade test of reading skills


The latest results of a 4th grade reading skills test should sound an alarm in every household in America: while literacy rates are at an all-time high worldwide, our country’s not keeping up. In fact, only 16% of U.S. children scored in the highest category (advanced) —and what’s worse, this number has not improved for at least five years.

As a parent, what should you make of these latest results? From our point of view, this data highlights the need to pay more attention to your own child’s reading progress. There are certain skills that help children become strong readers, and certain benchmarks that should be reached by preschoolers, and children in grades k-3. When parents get more involved by monitoring their children’s skills, they can partner with educators to make sure learning is maximized. There is also less chance of a child falling through the cracks, and more chance that a reader will reach his/her potential.

Reading well is critical to school and life success. Be sure that your children are set up to be strong readers.

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