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Expert-designed content for ages 3-6.  Our app empowers parents to use easy, everyday moments to build the skills children need to think critically, and read well.

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Learning to read, redefined

Connect with your child in new ways

Engage in quick, interesting conversations that build knowledge of letters, develop vocabulary, and introduce new concepts.

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Set them up for long term success

The latest early education research is at your fingertips. Receive actionable recommendations personalized to the learning needs of your child.

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Helping you do more in less time

Our content adapts to your day. Quick conversations over dinner transform into learning moments.

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Deliver lifelong benefits, with a few minutes each day

Understand your child's unique learning profile

We ask you simple questions about your child and translate this information into a developmental profile across crucial early reading and language skill categories.

Help them learn via expert-designed interactions and conversations

We provide conversations, short activities, and book recommendations that will engage both you and your young child while building lifelong skills.

See and celebrate their progress

We help you to capture and track your child's learning milestones, and to share those moments with family and friends.

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Early Reading Tips & Tricks

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