When it comes to reading –
we light the spark, you fan the flame.

We empower parents to use everyday moments to raise strong readers –
without ever putting a screen in front of a child.

Learning to read, redefined

It’s all about

Conversation matters, whether you're talking about the wheels on the bus, or the words in a book. We help you elevate conversation to build essential reading skills.

It’s all about
parents and kids

The research is clear - the early years are crucial. As a parent, you're there the most and care the most. We give you the tools to jump in!

It’s all about
the small moments

Not all of our conversations have to be about putting on socks. Add wonder to your weekday by transforming small talk with big ideas.

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Building a strong reader -
day by day.

Know where your child is on the road to reading

Our check-in questions help you reflect on your child's reading-related skills and help us determine what content your child needs.

Build reading skills through rich conversation

Certain kinds of conversation build the reading skills your child needs. Our prompts spark those conversations, while connecting you and your child in new ways - and it's all backed by research!

See and celebrate the progress

These Abound-inspired moments add up and have a real impact on your child's reading journey. You'll want to hold on to them, share them, and use them to partner with your child's teacher.

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“It’s amazing to have the support of Abound to coach us along the way.  We’d be lost without it.”

Abound Parent

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