Raising Strong Readers – One Parent at a Time

A mobile app: Used by parents. Made for kids.


Learning Doesn’t Need to Be Hard

You’d be amazed by what a five-minute conversation can teach a child. Our mobile app sends you prompts that guide you through quick, fun and meaningful conversations that fit into your busy day. These moments will teach your child vocabulary, letters & sounds, social emotional skills, and more.

The best part?

Your child is going to learn these valuable skills without ever looking at a screen.

The Science Behind the App

What Parents Say

Learning to Read, Redefined

A Parent-First Approach

As a parent, you're there the most and care the most. But knowing what children should learn, and how to help them, can be overwhelming. We make it easy with short prompts focused on what your child needs. And you pick when to use Abound, whether it’s on the way to daycare or over a meal.

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Tailored Learning

A one-fits-all approach doesn’t work because every child is unique. Our Check-In questions help you reflect on your child's reading-related skills and help us determine what content your child needs. The research-based materials we supply change as your child reaches key learning milestones.

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Screen-Free Teaching

Abound can help you build your child’s reading skills using everyday conversations. The app is designed to encourage meaningful interactions between you and your child, without a screen.

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Capture Meaningful Moments

These Abound-inspired moments add up and have a real impact on your child's reading journey. You'll want to hold on to these special moments, share them, and use them to partner with your child's teacher.

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Your Learning-to-Read Toolkit


Know where your child is on the road to reading


Start conversations that boost early critical thinking skills


Build mechanical skills and necessary vocabulary


Read together and build knowledge through discussion

Memory Box

Capture funny quotes and personal reflections

Launch your child's learning journey today

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