Raising Strong Readers – One Parent at a Time

Schools can’t create strong readers alone.

We help families know enough about learning to read to talk to teachers confidently, 

and build reading skills at home playfully.

Meaningful conversations that build reading skills & feel like play.

These moments teach your child vocabulary, build knowledge, work on social-emotional skills, and more. 

Meanwhile, you’ll get a better understanding of what your child should be working on at each age, and how he/she is doing.

A Parent-First Approach
Tailored Learning
Screen-Free Teaching
Meaningful Moments

Learning to read, redefined

Solving Parents' Needs

Most parents are in the dark about a child's reading development, and don't know if children are getting what they need. Abound helps you stay on top of things, and feel good about it.

Solving Parents' Needs

We're the go-to app for parents because it's empowering to know what children should learn and it's essential to know how to help them. Abound makes it easy.
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Based on Reading Research

Children need strong instruction at school and daily, playful skill-building at home. We help you make sure your child gets what's needed to become a strong reader.

Based on Reading Research

Our Check-In helps you understand what your child should be working on at each age, and how your child is doing. Share results with teachers before conferences so you can work as a team!
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Screen-Free Interactions

The Abound app is designed to
encourage meaningful interactions between you and your child,
without your child looking at a screen.

Screen-Free Interactions

You get daily questions to start back-and-forth conversations about ideas, words & books. These fun moments of talk expose children to rich language and build crucial reading skills.
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A parent-first approach

As a parent, you’re there the most and care the most. But knowing what children should learn, and how to help them, can be overwhelming. We make it easy with short prompts focused on what your child needs.

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Create the kind of family partnerships that improve reading outcomes: get access to a full year of daily content within the Abound app for parents, caregivers, teachers and administrators, as well as workshops for parents and teachers by an expert in the science of reading instruction.

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