Results from 2019 NAEP test

I realized that the latest (2019) results aren’t on this blog, so I am posting a link to the NYT article here. Obviously, we have a long way to go before every child in our country is given the kind of experiences outside of school, and kind of instruction at school, that are needed to read well. There is more than enough science to guide us on how to set things up well for children. It is hardly a simple problem, but our kids can’t wait for the current system to solve it.

So meanwhile, we have to empower and support parents so they can at least have some control. How? By knowing how to start brain-changing conversations and build skills in the everyday at home, and knowing enough about learning to read to ask the right questions of educators and clinicians.

It is a collective enterprise to raise strong readers. Working in real partnerships, schools and parents can improve children’s reading outcome together.

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