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Building Lifelong Skills Without a Screen

Our mission is to provide parents the tools they need to raise strong readers without ever putting their children in front of a screen.

Through the Abound app, you’ll learn what skills to build at each stage of development and better understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses. You’ll even be armed with enough information to ask the right questions of teachers and pediatricians to advocate for what your child needs.

And here’s the bonus: our science-based conversation starters connect parents and kids because they provide ways to talk back-and-forth about engaging subjects.

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Themes: It’s All About Building Knowledge

It’s easier to understand what we’re reading when we already know something about the topic. That’s why children need to learn about a variety of subjects. Abound’s app is designed around 2-week themes to help children build up knowledge and prepare them for all the reading they’ll do in the future.

Check-In: Know Your Child’s Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Understand your child’s development in all the skills needed to read well
  • Track and record your child’s progress based on early-learning milestones
  • Access easy-to-read summaries of the latest research on learning to read

WordUp: Expand That Vocabulary

  • Introduce them to abstract words they’ll encounter throughout their education
  • Practice these words daily with our simple conversation prompts
  • Build knowledge over time with repeated exposure to high-impact words

TalkOn: Teach Through Talk

  • Quick daily questions that will get kids talking and thinking, and build key skills
  • Customize your schedule so prompts come at the best time for you

BookOut: Knowledge-Building Conversations

  • Two theme-based, age-appropriate books suggested for your child per week
  • Fun conversation prompts that also help your child get more out of each book
  • Carefully selected for diversity of characters and genres

Memory Box: Precious Memories Captured (iOS Only)

  • Capture funny quotes and personal reflections from learning moments with your child
  • Easily share the best moments with friends and family over email, text, and social media
  • Access saved moments and memories whenever you want via our timeline features

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