“A book on every bed”

Last week I wrote about why giving books to your children as gifts sends a clear message about how important reading is in your family. For another fun take on holiday book giving, read about the Book on Every Bed campaign.

Children’s Reading Connection
Image © 2019 by Peter H. Reynolds

The idea is to place a gift-wrapped book at the bottom of the bed for when a child wakes up on special holidays and birthdays. Not only does it build the family culture around reading, the unwrapping and initial “read” might also buy you a few more minutes of sleep on a morning when excitement often gets a child out of bed super early. And in the end, you can create a memorable day by starting off with a shared reading, maybe while you’re still in bed!

We hope this next week brings lots of fun and festive times for your family. Happy holidays from Abound Parenting!

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