Abound's weekly plan for supporting your children (and yourself)
while you're stuck at home due to Covid-19

A free offering for parents of children 3 years through kindergarten

(from the makers of the only parent-focused app that helps create strong readers)

What is Sanity-In-Place?

The top 6 things needed to keep preK & kindergarten children happy, busy and learning – and parents sane

The Sanity-In-Place schedule templates, for one day or one week - create a routine to lower stress levels! Plus, a sample day's schedule to show you how it works.

This week's ideas to add to your S-I-P schedule (April 6 - April 10). A complete and easy schedule for Monday through Friday, or choose what works for your household!

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What is it?



To help you organize your time and to distinguish one day from the next, we have put together an at-home plan for Monday through Friday, starting this week.

How is this different from everything being sent my way?

  • It assumes you’re already overwhelmed
  • None of it involves glue and glitter (although you can certainly add that when you’re feeling energetic), or costs anything
  • It’s concrete and specific, so the plans take less of your headspace
  • The focus is on play, but the learning is baked in

Why should I bother?

  • Children need clarity and routines to feel safe and be their best selves. So do adults.
  • These days will add up and moments of learning can  be part of them.
  • You need to make it to your child’s bedtime with as much patience as possible. Easy plans will help.
  • We know how kids learn to read, and we offer suggestions that build skills now.