Painless, and productive:
Abound's 3-part plan to help parents through quarantine

For “teaching” children stuck at home,  3 years through kindergarten

(from the makers of the only parent-focused app that helps create strong readers)

What is Sanity-In-Place?

It's a simple plan designed to fit into your hectic, at-home life.
We've made it as easy as 1-2-3: Read a book, play a game, learn a letter.
Click on images below to download ideas and materials.

Read a book

Amp up the experience - choose a question

Play a game.

Have fun together with these game ideas

Learn a letter.

Letters to color, plus tips for fun practice

Looking for more? Here's our complete list of "directed play" ideas

directed play

This week's daily schedule, with guidance if you want it 🙂

This type of story, with just a bit of scary in it, can help even timid children handle emotions and feel good.

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