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The 2020 Abound Summer Plan

This summer, especially, learning has to be carefree --
it has to FEEL very different.

The Reality

  • Children need regular learning experiences this summer, perhaps more than any other.
  • Families are frazzled; there is no energy or motivation to continue being teachers.
  • We can’t ask teachers to do anything more after the spring they’ve endured.

The Plan

  • Families use the Abound app to better understand benchmarks and start short conversations daily.
  • Theme-based back-and-forth conversations boost content knowledge, vocabulary & language, and critical thinking skills.
  • Routines help families see how to incorporate rich talk into everyday moments

What does the daily dose look like for families?

Families receive a question of the day, a word of the week with daily examples for practice and 2 theme-based book recommendations weekly.


The TalkOn daily question covers one of 3 groups of reading-related skills:
Letters & Sounds, Vocabulary & Knowledge, Awareness & Regulation


Two high-impact, academic words per theme, with daily ways to practice these more abstract terms


The theme-based, age-appropriate books build up content knowledge & vocabulary and come with ways to talk about them. All available free, read-aloud on YouTube.

Implementing in your school/district

How it works:

Joan Kelley, Founder of Abound, provides educators with an overview of the program and highlights the benefits for schools, parents, kids and the community.

What it Takes:

Communicate about the program with families
Generate excitement to encourage participation.
Cost for the summer: $1000 per district, or $250 per school

Abound School Program Testimonial

“Acton-Boxborough Regional School District (ABRSD) has had the privilege of piloting the Abound Parenting program for the past three years. This partnership has provided a meaningful opportunity to collaborate with families in a substantive manner. The approach is powerful because Abound helps parents better understand what it takes to become a strong reader, while also inspiring quick, enjoyable and engaging ways to support their young children’s literacy development at home. Plus, the Abound program supports the integration of skills children need, related to language, vocabulary, self-regulation, and book-based experiences; it weaves together ways to build and practice all the essential parts of the reading process.

Unlike any other tool that is available, Abound has the unique potential to establish a true partnership between families and educators around reading development. ABRSD strongly believes that family partnerships are essential to nurturing young literacy learners; our educators are excited to have a way to enhance discussions with families using the Abound Parenting program.”

Sharon Ryan, M.Ed, PK–2 Literacy & Social Studies Curriculum Coordinator
Acton-Boxborough Regional School District


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    How do EL families take part?

    Ideas translated into Spanish (and some other languages) can be texted to EL families. Reach out to our team at for more information.

    What are the potential outcomes?

    Students have a steady drip of short, high-quality interactions that are the types of language experiences that build the skills children need to read well. 

    Parents learn more about the kinds of interactions that will, over time, make a difference.

    Families begin to get a better understanding of their own children’s strengths and weaknesses and how to help support growth.

    How do we build momentum among parents?

    Use the tech that families know and love (instagram postings, short videos or pictures).

    Communal goals: If 30 students from our school do x# of Abound questions per week, we will all…  Why? The loss of a sense of community has been really hard on these kids.

    Shoutouts of encouragement from adults at the school via social media – bus drivers, teachers, gym teachers – by calling attention to a word or sharing a fun TalkOn question.

    What if parents are just too busy?

    Siblings or grandparents/other caregivers can “own” Abound interactions (could even be over Zoom).