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Everyone knows that children need to build skills beyond the school day to become successful readers. Create the kind of family partnerships that improve reading outcomes.

Three key benefits for participating schools and parents in 2022

Here’s what teachers and administrators are saying about their experience with Abound

M.Ed, PK–2 Literacy & Social Studies Curriculum Coordinator, Acton-Boxborough Regional School District

Sharon Ryan

This partnership has provided a meaningful opportunity to collaborate with families in a substantive manner. The approach is powerful because Abound helps parents better understand what it takes to become a strong reader, while also inspiring quick, enjoyable and engaging ways to support their young children’s literacy development at home. Unlike any other tool that is available, Abound has the unique potential to establish a true partnership between families and educators around reading development

Greenwich, CT

Early education director & regional coordinator

This was the workshop almost unanimously brought to my attention in recent faculty conversations; the results of new practices were discussed with interest and enthusiasm. You can provide the most compelling professional development in the world, but if it doesn’t move teachers to innovate, to trial new ideas in their classrooms, to consolidate the resulting successes into their professional practices, it has no value. And, the results of this workshop were compelling in this regard. This is what we, as directors, aspire to when we consider how best to provide substantive professional development hours, faculty engagement rather than endurance or resistance. The advice and practical suggestions that accompanied Joan’s research findings are being put directly into practice in our classrooms, rather than gathering dust on a shelf. Our faculty moves forward in understanding and in practice. This is the ultimate accolade to a presenter and, in this case, a tribute to Joan’s expertise and understanding of how teachers can teach so that children have optimal opportunities to learn and her ability to convey her recommendations engagingly.

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