Welcome to Abound Parenting– thanks for joining us! We wanted to start by giving you a quick overview of how Abound works and what our goals are.

As a new Abound parent, you will be able to learn about and track your children’s reading-related skills, starting as soon at age 3 and through the end of kindergarten (first grade content coming this summer!). Our goal is to help you stay informed on how your children are doing, and improve their skills with simple, everyday ideas to inspire conversations.

The Abound approach: The plan is not to make you the reading teacher: we created Abound so that parents can do the fun and casual building of skills at home, and let teachers focus on the systematic skill-building at school. By supporting at home, plus tracking and monitoring your children’s progress–in collaboration with what their teachers will do in school–you can do your part to help your child reach his/her full reading potential.

So… how does it work? First you need to start with the Check-In so we know where your child is, and what questions to send your way daily. Here’s the step-by-step Abound process (note that this is all covered in the onboarding process, but we wanted you to have a one-pager to better understand all you will have at-the-ready by using Abound) —

    1. On the app, answer the Check-In questions for each of your children, ages 3 years through the end of kindergarten.
    2. After finishing the Check-In, you will be directed to a personalized Abound Results page that explains how your child is doing in the three different skill areas important for reading.
      • If you have any questions or concerns and your child isn’t yet in school, share the Check-in Results with pediatricians or caregivers.
      • If your child is in a formal PreK program or goes to kindergarten,  share your Check-In Results with your child’s teacher a week before the conference. Then, when you meet, you will have the chance to discuss what you see happening at home, and what the teacher sees happening at school. You’ll also get a chance to ask and learn about the kinds of instruction your child is getting at school.
      • Eight weeks after you first answered the Check-In questions, you’ll be prompted to answer the questions again. Depending on your child’s age, the questions might be new or may be the same ones you saw earlier. Either way, answering these questions is an important learning experience as well, and each time you go through the process you will get new Results to learn about your child’s strengths and weaknesses.
      • NOTE: This is just a sampling of questions to give you a basic idea of the kinds of things that your child should be working on at this particular age. (For more comprehensive analysis, a child would need to have screening assessments administered by a professional.) We hope you use your Check-In Results to inspire everyday skill-building in easy and fun ways, or to have a conversation with a clinician or teacher
    1. You’ll now get daily Abound notifications (don’t forget to set those up during your onboarding process!) that will direct you to the new daily content on your phone. There are 3 features, all centered around a 2-week theme.
      • TalkOn gives you a daily question to ask your child that will build one of the three buckets of skills needed for strong reading. These are open-ended questions for the most part, and many don’t have “answers” you should expect. The idea is to get your child to think and wonder, and to respond. Your goal is a back-and-forth conversation that continues!
      • WordUp gives you a weekly vocabulary word, with daily examples of how to use the word with your child. These words are carefully chosen based on the types of words that show up in the books your child will read in the years to come. To learn words, kids needs lots of exposures and lots of practice. These words are often abstract concepts; while your child won’t “get” the word at first, keep using it as much as you can. You’ll be surprised how much is learned over time.
      • BookOut gives you recommendations for 2 theme-related books per week. We hope you get these books at the library, or buy them if it makes sense, so you can use your daily reading time to help build your child’s knowledge of the theme during the 2-week period.

So get started! We look forward to accompanying you and your child(ren) on the road to reading 🙂 Please reach out with any questions — info@aboundparenting.com.

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